What’s Saving My Life Right Now

Linking up with Anne over at Modern Mrs. Darcy today (and inspired by Marisa!) to share some things that are keeping me sane through the winter doldrums.

Winter sunsets. The nights may be long, but Oklahoma has had some seriously beautiful sunsets lately. Do yourself a favor and feast your eyes on the #myoklahoma tag over on Instagram.

French Press Coffee. I’m not much of a coffee snob, but there’s something so satisfying about a french press that I’ve been wanting it all the day.

Houseplants. I’m more of a brown thumb, but surrounding myself with green calms my soul. I recently got a new Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (after accidentally overwatering and killing my last Fiddle Leaf Fig bush), and I’ve got nothing by heart eyes for it. I’ve also been trying to revive some succulents that I somehow managed to kill, and I’ve seen new growth recently!

Visits to the library. I love my Kindle, but I have recently renewed my love affair with physical books, and that can definitely be attributed to spending more time at our local public library. I managed to read 4 books in January, and I think that’s entirely due to reading an actual book instead of an e-reader. Also, the library in my hometown smells exactly like it did 15 years ago, and the nostalgia of a simpler time in my life is oddly comforting.

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Cooking. I’ve been working my way through my Grandma’s recipe box, and the good eats combined with sweet memories are the definition of soul food.

My new haircut. Last week, I decided it was time for change and I cut off several inches of hair. I should have done it sooner. I now have a cute little asymmetrical bob, and my shower time has decreased dramatically. It also takes virtually no time to style in comparison to my long locks. No regrets here.

What about you? What’s keeping you together during these short days and long, cold nights?

6 thoughts on “What’s Saving My Life Right Now

  1. Hi Rachel – I love your hairstyle; it looks beautiful. I smiled at your comments about being a brown thumb. I am one too, but I totally swear by the shamrock plant. I have a green one and a red (wine) one. I repotted the red one back in the fall and it died in the pot. For over a month, the pot of dirt sat on my ledge. I put a little water on the dirt every now and then but I didn’t know if it would ever revive, and I debated just throwing it out. Just after Christmas, a tiny shoot started to spring up. Now it’s growing like crazy. I love shamrocks because they grow really fast and bloom frequently. Thanks for sharing your list of life-savers!

    1. I’ll have to check for shamrock at my local nursery! Anything that can be neglected for weeks and then suddenly bloom sounds like my kind of plant. Thanks for the sweet comments about my hair. 🙂

  2. Your fiddle leaf looks amazing, and you just reminded me about how much I miss going to the public library. I need to get myself there soon!

  3. I like your new haircut. I might look into buying myself a fiddle leaf fig tree. I have two peace lilies that are almost impossible to kill (one of them is eight years old). I had a succulent die this winter too (it was my first one, and I’m not really sure why it died, lol).

    1. I love peace lillies! They are very resilient. I’ve managed to kill 3 succs this winter so far, which are supposed to be notoriously difficult to kill, yet here we are. Thanks for the comment on my haircut!

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