A quick life update

It’s mid-May, y’all. How did that happen? It seems like only yesterday we were wiling away the long, dark hours of winter, just trying to survive. Yet, here we are, Spring has sprung, the sun lingers longer each day, things are in bloom and the world feels full of possibility.

Since it’s been a minute, I thought I’d carve out some time to write a quick life update on things around the Forrest home. The past few months have been busy around here, so I have much to share.

  • Ryan graduated from OSU Institute of Technology. When Ryan and I married, it was a mutual goal to get him back in school. He had to quit before we met because of the financial burden, and we were determined to make it possible for him to finish. Since we started our family earlier than we intended, it took longer than we hoped, but he did it and I am so proud. It’s an accomplishment to graduate from college, but to do it while also being a full time husband, father and working two other jobs is nothing short of heroic.

  • I started a new job. I’m currently working in eBook development for a large, Christian academic publisher and I am loving it. I get to spend everyday deep in books on faith, doctrine and theology and it’s like a dream come true for me personally. Plus, I still get to work from home, so it’s an all around win.
  • I stopped eating sugar and carbs. Ryan and I are doing the ketogenic diet together – which is low carb, high fat and moderate protein – and we are two weeks in. It’s not always been easy – in fact I thought we might kill each other that first week – but I’m so glad I decided to do this. The word I would use to describe how I feel about it: better. Better energy, better sleep, better well-being overall. Oh, and I’ve lost 10 pounds. In two weeks.
  • The Listen To Your Mother Show happened. A couple of weeks ago, I took the stage alongside several other women in Oklahoma City and shared authentic stories of motherhood. We laughed, we cried, and we celebrated one another. It was a unique experience that I’ll likely never forget.
  • I planted my very first garden. Since we’ve moved often over the last several years, I haven’t ever had a chance to fulfill a dream of mine to have a garden. Well, I decided to do it this year even though we still live in a rental, and I’ve so enjoyed the process. I started small with a raised garden made of cinder blocks, and watching the little plant babies grow has been a delight for the whole family. Raley loves to check on the garden every day and waters it. Though I don’t know that the garden’s humble beginnings will lead to a heaping harvest, one or two tomatoes would be nice.

  • We adopted a dog. Apparently, I’m a crazy woman and needed another living thing to clean up after, because I went to the SPCA one day in April and brought home a shelter dog. She’s a black lab mix named Chloe, and she’s decided we are her people. The kids adore her, and she keeps me company throughout the day while I’m home alone working. She has the smelliest farts but she’s sweet and lovable so we’ll keep her, I guess.

Whew! I think those are the major highlights from the last couple of months. I would apologize for the blog silence, but let’s be real, it’ll probably happen again. For the tens of you who are still around to read about my tiny existence, I am thankful. Grace and peace to you all.