Epic fail: that one time I quit Facebook and only lasted a month…

epic failWell, if you’re a regular reader and you were paying attention last week when I announced the blog re-launch, you may have noticed I encouraged you to go like the blog’s Facebook page. And that might have caused you to pause and think, wait, I thought she quit Facebook for 2017

Well, you are right, friends. I’ve failed at staying off the Facebooks for the year. And here’s why:

  1. Parties, community news, church events, you name it…are all announced and organized on Facebook now.  I consistently felt out of the loop on what’s going on locally because I didn’t have access to it. I even read our local newspaper daily, but that doesn’t provide the depth of local information that a social media site does anymore. And though I love Twitter, it’s just not the same kind of resource for local happenings as Facebook is.
  2. We recently joined a new church, and Ryan and I decided together it would be better for connecting with new church members if we were on Facebook.
  3. I had more than one regular blog reader tell me that they enjoy reading my blog, but don’t always realize there’s a new post because they accessed it through Facebook originally. Sure, you can sign up to receive new posts via email or see the Insta and Twitter new post announcements, but that isn’t ideal for everyone. I want to remove barriers to my friends engaging with my content.

So, there you have it. The big reasons I rejoined Facebook. However, let me just say that I truly enjoyed the break from it. And I’m not putting the app back on my phone. And since I deleted my account, I get to start over fresh and new…no backlog of friends that I took one college course with 10 years ago and then never spoke to again. It’s a clean slate.

The last 1.5 months off Facebook were liberating, and I have no regrets about doing it. I do regret that I didn’t make it the whole year, but I’ve also learned this in the process:

I absolutely think taking an extended leave from Facebook was the right thing for me to do. My reasons for doing it were sound. However, the time commitment I chose may have been too ambitious.


I hope you all don’t judge my epic fail too harshly. And I would absolutely still encourage you to take an extended social media break. It has done wonders for my mental health lately, which made the decision to return to it that much harder.

Have you had an epic fail recently? How did you feel afterward? What did you learn from it?