St. Patrick’s Day Devotional for Kids

St. Patrick's Day Devotional for Kids


Happy Monday! Today is the start of Spring Break for our family (my husband works in a school), and we are so ready for the break! Though I’m still working the first part of the week, we are excited to take some time to relax and have some fun, family time together.

One of the things we try to do with our kids each day is read the Bible and pray together. In the interest of transparency, I confess that we don’t always do it every day. However, most nights of the week we put our kids to bed with a chapter from the Jesus Storybook Bible and prayer. Since this week is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be fun to incorporate the holiday into our family devotional time. Did you know that St. Patrick was a missionary? Even after suffering as a slave at the hands of the Irish, he believed God called him to evangelize them, and he is credited with the establishment of Christianity in Ireland. What an incredible testimony!

Anyway, for this St. Patrick’s Day devotional, I’m using my three-year-old’s favorite cereal, Lucky Charms. Or, “the marshmallow cereal,” as she calls it.  Full disclosure, I love them, too, which makes this devotional even sweeter! Now, we normally do our family devotions at night, but since this involves cereal, you might want to start your kids’ day with it. Since our kids will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at their “school”, too, we will do this devotional over breakfast as well.

The best part about this devotional? There is absolutely no work involved. As a busy working mom, I don’t usually have time to make elaborate crafts with our kids during the week. For this devotional, all you have to do is eat cereal and talk to your kids. So simple! That’s my love language, y’all.

As you’re eating the Lucky Charms, you will separate out one of each of the marshmallows. Depending on the age of your kids, you can ask them to identify what shape or object it is. Then, you can explain the biblical significance of each marshmallow using the following Bible verses:

  • Rainbow – God keeps his promises, Genesis 9:13.
  • Heart – God gives us a new heart when we trust in Jesus, Ezekiel 36:26.
  • Star – God made all the stars and gave them names, Psalm 147:4-5.
  • Clover – God is three persons in one, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, Matthew 3:16-17.
  • Blue Moon – God made the moon to give light to the earth in the night, Genesis 1: 18.
  • Red Balloon – He lifts the poor in spirit to be rich in him, Psalm 113:7.
  • Horseshoe – Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God, Psalm 20:7.
  • Hourglass – God makes everything beautiful in its time, Ecclesiastes 3:11.

That’s it! A simple way to enjoy a tasty treat and teach kids about Jesus. What could be better?!

St. Patrick's Day Devotional for Kids 2


Photos courtesy of Lucky Charms / Facebook.

12 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Devotional for Kids

  1. Very cool idea! I love that you’ve found something fun and easy, that fits into your schedule but that will also be remembered by your kiddos!

  2. Wow!!! This is EXTREMELY creative!!!! I love this!!! Such a cute fun way to teach your kiddos scripture 🙂 amazing! I’m gonna send my sister this post, she will love it!
    Danielle Greco |

  3. What a cute idea! We love the Jesus Storybook Bible, too, and I’ve been thinking about doing a little something extra for Lent, so I really appreciate this idea! Thanks;-)

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