5 Podcasts I Like that You Might Like, Too

5 Favorite Podcasts


We are a one-car family, which means I spend copious amounts of time behind the steering wheel each day. Between taking the kids to daycare and dropping my husband off at work, my morning commute is around 45 minutes long. And then I repeat that in the afternoon. Since I do spend so much time driving, podcasts have become a necessary companion in the car, especially since they help to keep me from turning into a rage monster because of crazy OKC drivers. As I’ve been expanding my podcast library, there   are a few that have risen to the top as my favorites. So, here are some podcasts I like, and you might like them, too, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  1. Happy Rant Pod – Three guys rant about things that don’t matter all that much. The hosts are writers/leaders in various Christian contexts, and they take on everything from trigger warnings to gender reveal parties to Christian email sign-offs.  I only recently discovered The Happy Rant Pod, but it has quickly become my favorite. In fact, Ryan and I listened to it pretty much nonstop during our recent road trip to Kansas City and back. They hosts are hilarious and snarky, which are my main love languages.
  2. Stuff You Should Know – For trivia geeks or people who just enjoy knowledge, this is a great podcast that runs the topical gamut. Their most recent episodes have delved into how bonsai works and stories of survival cannibalism. The hosts are funny and interesting, which makes SYSK an enjoyable listen. The only downside to this podcast is the episodes tend to run longer than my commute, so I can’t listen to a whole episode in one sitting. First world problems.
  3. Stuff You Missed in History Class – Like the previous podcast, SYMIHC is brain food for the nerds and geeks out there like me. Unlike the previous podcasts, this one is hosted by two women, which is awesome. Their topics aren’t limited to any one kind of history, which makes SYMIHC interesting because it’s often a subject I’ve never heard much about. Their episodes tend to be shorter, too, which lets me consume one per commute.
  4. The Briefing – Al Mohler is the President of The Southern Baptist Seminary and he is wicked smart. The Briefing is a short review of the daily headlines examined from a biblical worldview, and it’s a must for anyone who desires to be informed about current events and how they relate to the Christian faith.
  5. The Big Boo Cast – This podcast is hosted by BigMama and BooMama, or Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson, respectively. Though they don’t release new episodes as often as I like, I never miss a new one. Listening to their podcast is like sitting and chatting with old friends. They have heavy Southern accents, which makes this an enjoyable listen to me (there’s something comforting about a good ol’ southern twang sometimes). They cast a wide net topically as well, often covering the latest SEC sports or current makeup obsessions.

These are some of my favorite podcasts. Some honorable mentions include Serial  (season 1) and Undisclosed (which should be a must after you listen to season 1 of Serial). What about you? Do you have any favorite podcasts?