30 Things I’d Tell My 20-year-old Self: Final Part

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Today was the day! I celebrated my 30th birthday today, and it was a sweet day filled with joy. After my husband cooked me breakfast, we took a family adventure to Roman Nose State Park and had a cookout in the picnic area by their natural springs. After our cookout, we waded in the springs, which were SO cold! We came home to rest for the afternoon, and finished off the birthday festivities with a sweet treat from Nothing Bundt Cakes. It was a great day!

Since today is my 30th birthday, I figured I should wrap up the 30 Things series. I’ve been woefully lax in contributing to this series as I had aspired to do, but I am determined to finish it. So, here are the final things I would tell my 20-year-old self. I had hoped to go into greater depth on some of these, but these broad strokes will have to do.

11. Spend more time with your grandma. She will leave this world before your 29th birthday, and you’ll miss her every single day.

12. 21 shots on your 21st birthday is a bad idea. Just don’t do it.

13. Sometimes, toxic friendships and relationships need to be severed. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. Don’t be afraid to cut people out of your life that contribute to an unhealthy thought life for you.

14. Nobody has authority over your heart and mind unless you give it to them. Be selective about who you give that power.

15. Ageism and sexism will be regular battles throughout your 20s. Handle it with firm grace.

16. You don’t have to prove your worth. Don’t waste too much time on endeavors that will ultimately lead to dead ends due to vanity or a need to establish your position.

17. Cultivate deeper female friendships that are lasting.

18. Travel more. What “they” say about it being harder to do later in life is very true. Even though you’re broke, find a way to explore while you have the capacity to do it.

19. Intellectual snobbery is unflattering.

20. Get the epidural during labor with your second child. You’re going to try to tough it out, and 19.5 hours later you will regret that decision. Just get the drugs, honey.

21. Giving birth is hard, but breastfeeding is harder. Don’t give up so quickly with your first child.

22. Don’t invest emotional currency in relationships that don’t pay dividends.

23. Serve on a camp staff during one summer in college. You’ll wish you’d had that experience later.

24. Manipulation rarely pays off in the way you want it to. If direct communication and openness doesn’t get the result you wanted, accept it and move on. Don’t resort to theatrics.

25. Don’t try to write a list of 30 things you’d tell your younger self, because it’s hard and you’re not creative or thoughtful enough to finish well.

26. Avoid social media for as long as possible. It might seem fun when it’s new and shiny, but really it’s the bane of intelligent discourse.

27. Never read the comments section of an article. Trust me on this one.

28. Calligraphy is going to make a massive resurgence in trendiness. Take your interest in handlettering and invest in some calligraphy classes now. You can make bank later.

29. Wherever you are, be all there. – Jim Elliot

30. The life you’ve been given is made beautiful in the living. – borrowed from Jason Gray.


This series has been a fun thought exercise, but I’m glad it’s over. I’m not cut out for curating long lists of content, and I don’t blog regularly enough to make it compelling. But, if you’re a regular reader, I’m glad you’re here and I hope you stick around. For now, have a great Independence Day!

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    1. As I had a little difficulty writing this post, I’m encouraged that someone related to the thoughts I tried to express. Those particular ones you listed deserve to be sussed out, but that is a job I’m not up to at the moment.

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