30 Things I’d Tell My 20-year-old Self: Guest Submissions

30 Things I'd Tell My 20-year-old Self

Well, it’s been two weeks since I contributed to this series, so clearly I’m on top of all things blog-related. Our personal lives are in a bit of an upheaval at the moment, so blogging has been at the very bottom of things that sounded like fun. Not that blogging is a chore usually, but when things are a little bit chaotic in the other areas of my life, blogging can tend to feel like yet another demand on my time and mental faculties, to which I promptly respond with “NOPE.”

So, I apologize for the radio silence, dear faithful readers. I hope to find a consistent rhythm again soon, during which I will probably share some of the things that have kept me away recently. Until then, thanks for staying with me through the quiet times.

I reached out to some fellow bloggers in a Facebook blog group I participate in and asked for their thoughts on things they’d tell their 20-year-old selves. Their words of advice resonated with things I’ve felt or thought as well, so I wanted to share them with you. If you have a moment, go check out their blogs. Share the blog love, people.

So, here are some thoughts onย 30 Things I’d Tell My 20-year-old Self from guest bloggers:

1. Chelsey from Chelsey Lynne Mead

“You don’t have to have your entire life figured out at 20. No one else does either, and if they say they do, they’re totally faking it. Take it a day at a time and do the next thing in front of you, the rest will fall into place.” โค๏ธ

2. Kimberley from Life As Me

“Things aren’t always going to go the way you plan. That’s ok. God is in control and His plans are way better than your own.”

3. Kelly from I Do and Adieu

“Don’t settle for a life you think you’re suppose to live if it doesn’t make you happy. Live the life that will make you happy. All the things that are suppose to happen according to God’s plan will click into place along the way.”

4. Reeve from Girl on the Verge

“The little things that you freak out over (and that keep you up at night) aren’t going to be important in a year, two, or five. Have a little faith and realize that you are stronger than you think.”

One of the things I’m learning from this series is that, for many of us, our 20s all looked the same in terms of what we’ve learned and what we’d tell our 20-something selves in retrospect. Though our paths all vary, the life lessons are pretty similar. What about you? What is something you wished you knew at 20 that you know now?

3 thoughts on “30 Things I’d Tell My 20-year-old Self: Guest Submissions

  1. I wish I had the strength to cut off bad people. I think I stayed in a lot of toxic friendships because I thought you had to have a huge group of friends. But right around the age of 28, I started shedding a lot of those connections, and my remaining friendships have been so much stronger because of it.

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