Sheet Music Wreath ( with Tutorial!)

Hello all!

Well, I’ve been full swing into nesting recently, and since our office/nursery isn’t cleaned out yet, all of that energy has been funneled into crafting and redecorating our living room. One of the projects I’ve finished recently is a sheet music wreath, and I do love it so. I’ve seen a few variations of wreaths made from sheet music, but I really wanted to do a wreath made from paper rosettes, using sheet music instead. I think it turned out lovely:

sheet music wreath tutorial


In order to make the rosettes, I followed this tutorial, without using her free cut file. I pretty much winged it when it came to cutting the circles for the rosettes, which resulted in a few rosettes that were basically worthless. I learned as I went along, since this was my first stab at making paper rosettes. Quite paper rosettes tutoriala lofty project to take on for my first time, but it worked.

Also, I didn’t follow any specific instructions for the size of my rosettes. I just tried to cut them pretty consistently so they would all turn out about the same size. It took a couple of weeks to make enough rosettes for the wreath, since I would just make them here and there as I had some down time when my little one would nap or we would watch tv. This project definitely takes some patience, because it takes so many rosettes.


With all that said, here’s how I made the wreath:

1. I made eleventy billion paper rosettes.

2. I bought a 16″ floral wreath and covered it in burlap garland. You could also use a foam wreath, but my local store was out and I wasn’t patient enough to wait.

3. I hot-glued the rosettes onto the wreath, beginning in the center and creating a single ring around the wreath:

4. I repeated that process, working on the inside first and then the outer ring.

Once you’ve got all your rosettes glued on, it’s finished! I’m truly an impatient crafter, so this project was a test of my resolve. However, I think it turned out absolutely beautiful, and I’m so glad I stuck with it.

Happy crafting!