Projectile Vomit, Blow-Out Diapers, and Proud Parents

Well, we’ve reached and passed the two-week mark with our little Monkey, and so far everyone has survived. Not without some pretty exciting new experiences, though. In these two short weeks, we’ve already encountered the wonderful world of spit ups, complete with Sweet Baby Ray shooting a great amount of formula out of her mouth and all over her Daddy. We’ve also had the great fortune of massive dirty diapers. I mean, so massive that they’re shooting out the front AND the back. Good times!

However, I’m discovering the immense pride that a parent experiences in even the little things a child accomplishes. When Ray sleeps, when she spits up her last meal all over Momma, when she makes a huge mess in her diaper not 30 seconds after I change her….I’m so proud of her. And, she may be just a little thing right now, but she is my greatest accomplishment.