Change is hard, I should know…

In a little over a week, I conclude my summer in Oklahoma and return to Virginia for another year of school.  I cannot wait to see the sunset over the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. I am ready to be overwhelmed by the majesty of the Lord as the leaves turn this fall. I am immensely excited for everything this next year will bring, Lord willing. My classes look to be both interesting and challenging. And, of course, I’m ecstatic about reuniting with my dear friends out east.

However, I cannot help but be overwhelmed by God’s grace to me throughout this summer. His beautiful orchestration of everything surrounding my dad’s transplant was just majestic to behold. Also, the relationships I have established over the course of this summer have been a blessing. My internship with the Women’s Missions and Ministry office at the BGCO has been an amazing opportunity to work alongside two inspiring women of God. I have been challenged by their hearts and creative abilities in leading women to worship our Holy Father. The insights I have gleaned I hope will transform me into a more effective leader and ambassador for Christ.

The relationships in my personal life have been evidence of God’s grace as well. I thank Him every day for the people He brought into my life to walk with me during this season. If not for their love, friendship, mercy, and companionship, the last few months would have been vastly more difficult.

Above all, my walk with the Lord has been the most unique example of His grace in my life. In the interest of transparency, this summer has been rough. It was a unique challenge to leave the Christian subculture of Liberty mountain and re-engage with life in Oklahoma. But aside from that, I think God has lead me through a time of testing. Scripture attests on numerous occasions that the Lord will lead His servants into the wilderness before they are ready to commit fully to Him. I feel like I’ve been in the wilderness this summer. Admittedly, I’m not sure I’ve suffered well. I have often lost sight of the sky for the weeds around me. However, I pray that this time will not have been in vain, and that I am prepared for the work the Lord has already established for me in Virginia this next year. I have been reminded of my utter need for His mercy and salvation every single day. I am also humbled by my own inability to walk with wisdom aside from His provision. Despite my failures, I hope and trust that by His grace this wilderness “becomes a fruitful field” for the Lord in my life (Isaiah 32:15).

P.S. Title taken from She & Him’s “Change is Hard,” which you can listen to here: